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Welcome to Geo for CXC – The CXC Geography Guide! The science of Geography involves the study of the Earth and its features.This educational website is designed to help you study Geography and prepare you for the CXC Geography Examination.  The content on Geo for CXC is meant to support the CXC/CSEC Geography syllabus. New content is  added periodically. Quizzes and exercises are available to help you improve your memory and attention, test your knowledge and ensure that you retain the information you have learnt.

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Our Planet

Planet Earth

Over billions of years, planet Earth’s surface has been shaped and reshaped by powerful forces. Learn more about our planet and some of the major forces which continue to shape it.

The Lithosphere
Plate Tectonics
Volcanic Activity
Rock Gallery
Mineral Gallery


WavesRoughly 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Most of this water is contained in our oceans. Some of it exists in our rivers and lakes. Take a look at how water affects our planet.

River Features
Limestone Features
Coastal Features
Coral Reefs
Coral Gallery


PopulationThe term population refers to the total number of people living in an area at a particular point in time. Let’s take a look at various factors which affect population growth and distribution.

Case Study - Population Distribution in Dominica
Case Study - Population Growth in Jamaica
Case Study - Population Growth in the U.S.A.
International Migration

Economic Activity

EC DollarsThe term “economic activity” refers to any activity which produces a good or service. People make a living by engaging in various economic activities. Let us explore some of these activities.

Case Study - Bauxite Industry in Jamaica
Case Study - Tourism in Barbados
Sugar Production in the Caribbean
Sugarcane Cultivation in Guyana
Wheat Farming in Canada


DenudationThe wearing away of the Earth’s surface by processes such as weathering, mass wasting and erosion is known as denudation. Let us take a closer look at these processes.

Mass Wasting

Map Skills

MapA map is a representation of a part of the earth or the heavens. Acquire and practice the many useful map skills needed for CXC CSEC Geography.

4 Figure Grid References
6 Figure Grid References


cxc geography activities
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